Are we cluttered
& craving clarity?

I began this magical work 

in the 90s as a teen!

Today I have an awesome team, eager to help you gain confidence & clarity. 

About the Owner & Biz


Passion with a Purpose

Ashley believes in the power of clarity

and its ability to motivate & transform people inside and out.

She has helped over 1,000 people clear mental, physical and emotional clutter~ while creating time and space for what matters most to them.

She offers decluttering and organizing magic in person

 as well as consulting and life balance/purpose coaching 

worldwide, virtually.

Ashley has a B.A. in American Studies from Occidental College 

and a Masters in Human Development from Pacific Oaks. 

She has trained with some of the worlds top coaches, completed two yoga teacher trainings, a modern day priestess training, and most recently, was certified at the Akashic Records Institute. 


Greater Los Angeles and Beyond

The Creatively Neat team services Greater Los Angeles, 

while Ashley also supports people virtually, worldwide. 

 Ashley also enjoys speaking, teaching workshops, and guest appearing throughout various media channels. 

Creatively Neat has something for everyone! From single sessions or weekend intensives, to entire homes or businesses needing to  downsize or relocate. They even offer on-going maintenance visits. 

Just tell them what's going on and they'll offer you some insight 

and options to getting started. 


Your uniqueness and confidentiality

Ashley and her team are eager to connect with you 

and hear what's going on.

They have client service and confidentiality agreements 

for easy e-signing. 

You're in great hands, hearts, and ears! 

Welcome to the magical world of Creatively Neat! 

This video is a few years old and I'm excited to make a new one soon that highlights a wider range of services and people.  Stay tuned! 

Fab Junior Organizers!


Meet Xe!

Xe is an incredible organizer;

detailed oriented and able to keep the bigger picture in mind. She’s sweet, kind, patient, a great listener, takes direction and also initiative. She’s a creative spirit~ an artist and musician. And for sure, animal lover.



Jackie is the bees knees, super supportive and ready to tackle all things that need organizing. She really cares about helping people live their best lives.  “We are here to help one another” is her truth.  

She believes that an uncluttered space allows her clients to focus.  Clear the space, clear the mind!   She also loves her grandchildren, yoga, psychology, and good conversation.  



Julie knows how to get the job done. She appreciates any opportunity to transform a space into a magazine cover, loves packing and unpacking, and maximizing space optimization. She also loves writing screenplays and Christmas caroling!


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Resources & Inspiration (an ever-expanding list)


Media (Books & Film)

Organizing from the Inside Out, Julie Morgenstern

The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, Marie Kondo

Clearing Clutter with Feng Shui, Karen Kingston

New Order: A Decluttering Handbook for Creative Folks (And Everyone Else) by Fay Wolf

Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things

The True Cost (fashion industry affecting our planet)


Look online for places in your area, typically 50-99 cents/pound. Some trucks will come shred in front of you, generally an $80 minimum.

Office Depot and Staples ($1/pound to place in locked bins; some will shred in front of you for $1.20/pound)

A-1 Shredding in Burbank ($10/box!)


The Story of Stuff

Beyond the Label


Morning Routine

Headspace (Meditation)

Sanity & Self (Self help & Motivational)

Donate Your Stuff (call them first to be sure)

Local shelters, non-profits, libraries...

Discovery Center (Cancer Society)

Out of the Closet

St. Vincent de Paul

Goodwill (takes electronic waste too, for free)

Conscious Consumerism/Alternatives

Swap Parties! (trade with friends)



Buying Used

Supporting small business and local artists

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Maybe you tried decluttering and organizing  as best you could and still need help. That's okay!

Having extra hands on deck or the coaching component can make all the difference.

We want to hear from you! 

Let us know what's going on. 


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