Neat! Start Pack (for new clients!)

We're so excited you're here! 

Are you ready for some de-cluttering magic? 

Here's a great way to start! 

1. Workbook Journal (digital) 

2. Assessment Game plan (virtual)

3. De-clutter & Organize (3 hours virtually)

4. Follow up & Accountability (virtual) 


Add ons & Customizing

Everyone's situation is unique.

Depending on your goals, timeline, budget and preferences, we can create something special.

We can add extra hours, organizers, supplies,  take donation trips, or book some coaching calls for mindset or time management breakthroughs. 

Let's chat!


Virtual Coaching Program

-Get clear on your current priorities & purpose

- Declutter and organize your ideal space

-More focus and flow; less burnout or overwhelm

-Clarify how you can best allocate your time and energy on a daily basis and throughout the year

-Set realistic goals, be held accountable

-Increase productivity and celebrate all of YOU