Neat! Starter Pack $300

We're so excited you're here! 

Are you ready for some de-cluttering magic? 

Here's a great way to start! 

1. Workbook Journal (digital) 

2. Assessment Game plan (virtual)

3. De-clutter & Organize (3 hour session)

4. Follow up & Accountability (virtual) 


Add ons & Customizing

Everyone's situation is unique.

Depending on your goals, timeline, budget and preferences, we can create something special.

Perhaps we add extra hours, organizers, shopping for supplies and returning what's not needed, taking donation trips, or booking some coaching calls for mindset or time management breakthroughs. 


Neat-arama! Virtual Program

Stop letting clutter get in the way of living your best life. Time for peace, clarity, prosperity and success. 

This private coaching program is empowering people all over the world, one room or category at a time. This is especially neat for anyone ready for a major shift (moving, career, relationship or total reset!)